How does the VPN work? – A question from the telegram.

My today’s answer to the question from the telegram – maybe someone will need such a summary of information about VPN 😀

The VPN set itself encrypts the data, but what servers do I connect to, etc., it still goes to the ISP?

  • No matter how the VPN is set, whether it’s your own or bought, it should encrypt the data. If you set it yourself you know how it was configured and you know who has the encryption key – in case of purchased VPN not exactly.
  • As for the ISP – you have to get out of that VPN somewhere, so at the point of the appointment, when traffic from a VPN starts to come out of the world with a “normal” connection yes – this or that ISP sees what comes out of you unencrypted + DNS queries.

Using an external NordVPN service – it takes care of the encryption + isp doesn’t know what I’m doing, it just knows that I’m connecting to the server of this NordVPN.

  • Apparently yes, the ISP sees traffic to the nord, but:
    • The ISP knows it’s VPN traffic, so you have something to hide.
    • Nord knows where you went next.

Using the external one allows you to impersonate another country and use the foreign vod offer.

  • Yes, it is a very common use of VPN these days 😀

There are both free and paid VPNs, the free ones will probably sell your data.

  • Nord will not sell, but give it back to the authorities at their request – they recently announced this when updating their privacy policy.

Illegal activity, even if paid for, will most likely lead to the release of your data anyway (I don’t plan to use it, but I want to make my knowledge fully established)

  • I heard from a colleague that illegal activity is not using VPN, but the neighbor’s wifi.

What kind of VPN is the best

  • It all depends on what you really need
  • If you want to watch Netflix than you’re looking for one that has a lot of servers dedicated to streaming, with unbanned IP and many countries.
  • if you want to run away from ISP than you have to decide why you want to do this – if you want to download torrents than you are looking for VPN providers with dedicated servers for this service, if you want to enter a forum for terrorists you should check VPN over tor or tor over VPN. As if you are not sure which one is better for you –
  • If you want to play with something more, you are looking for an unprotected neighbor’s wifi, or a network where the password is a router123 or something similar (I know from a colleague that there is a software which can test networks according to the password dictionary) and you use such a network, but for this you use a dedicated computer, which you do not use for anything else and on it you do not have OS data permanently stored only some tails + encrypted disks with an automatic deletion mechanism in case of a mistake in the password 😀

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