New toy in my car

I’m driving a Peugeot 308 from 2015. It’s a really nice car, but one feature is missing in it. May look silly, but I believe this is feature which increase safety at road.

I’m taking about CarPlay. Until now I was using my iPhone as car navigation. It is working, but it’s not a perfect solution. The screen is quite small, and location of the phone is not perfect too.

So I decided to find a solution. I did some research and I found module which is adding Apple CarPlay support for standard Peugeot devices (SMEG, NAC). It look nice, and I almost decided to buy it, but I don’t like the place where original screen is. It’s too low for me, and I really don’t want to look at it when I’m driving, because of this I’ll not be look at the road.

So I had to go back to my research again, and I decided to go with a dedicated device. I mean 10,26” screen which has built in wireless Apple CarPlay (or Android Auto if you are not Apple fan)

And to be honest – I’m delighted. It works great, much better than I thought. Price to value ratio is just great here.

It’s connecting to my phone automatically, working wirelessly, without any additional cables. I still have to find a better way to manage power cable and hide it, but even now I’m more than happy how it’s working.

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