Changes in atlassian university courses after Team24

During Team 24 Atlassian announced one, but big change in Atlassian University. Previously, on-demand courses cost $39. And now you can enroll in any of courses, or any of the learning paths containing those courses for free.

You can get started with courses that cover the basics — key concepts, core product features, and best practices — then validate your skills with a career-boosting credential. Or, you can take the guided route on one of learning paths, which are series of courses designed to help you achieve a particular goal.

What’s new

  • Free Learning Access: Atlassian University now offers 100% free on-demand courses to help individuals and teams at every stage of their journey, from getting started with a new product to preparing for an official certification.
  • Course Offerings: The courses cover key concepts, core features, best practices, and soft skills. Popular courses include managing Jira Service Projects, Asset Management Essentials, and Confluence Administration.
  • Learning Paths: Guided learning paths are available for specific goals like onboarding, delivering better outcomes at work, and advancing your career.
  • Certification Preparation: Free certification preparation learning paths are provided to help users earn Atlassian Certifications, validating their knowledge and skills.

If you don’t know that, Atlassian University is here:

Patch your confluence if it’s not done yet

Atlassian has been made aware of an issue reported by a handful of customers where external attackers may have exploited a previously unknown vulnerability in publicly accessible Confluence Data Center and Server instances to create unauthorized Confluence administrator accounts and access Confluence instances.

The Vulnerability has been marked with a maximum CVSS value (10/10) and allows you to create a Confluence administrator account from the Internet.

Whiteboard from Atlassian

Atlassian will release their own whiteboard. It will be a part of the confluence. So you will not have to use miro or mural (or similar online services). You will not need apps like Microsoft whiteboard or Apple freeform. Confluence will be everything what you need.

You want to more know? Or maybe even join the beta tests? Check

New, lower prices of Atlassian trainings

Now you can learn at Atlassian University for less. They changed the price of their basic trainings, and now they are free or starting from $39.
The whole catalog of free and cheap courses is here:

If you do not have any experience with Jira or Jira Service Management I recommend starting with free courses:

If you will work with Confluence:

Those are basics, but it’s really hard to work with Jira/Confluence without them.

Confluence Security Advisory 2022-06-02

Confluence Server and Data Center – CVE-2022-26134 – Critical severity unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability

Atlassian has published a notification on a critical vulnerability affecting all on premise instances of Confluence (Server and Data Center) – unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability in Confluence Server and Data Center.

What You Need to Do

There are currently no fixed versions of Confluence Server and Data Center available. In the interim, customers should work with their security team to consider the best course of action. Options to consider include:

  • Restricting access to Confluence Server and Data Center instances from the internet.
  • Disabling Confluence Server and Data Center instances.

If you are unable to take the above actions implementing a WAF (Web Application Firewall) rule which blocks URLs containing ${ may reduce your risk.

Powerscript for Jira – how to block editing a field or fields for a given role or roles.

Power Scripts™ – Jira script automation
JIRA PowerScript Sctipts Plugin is a very useful plugin if you want to automate tasks while working with Jira projects to save time on repetitive tasks. The most important features are the ability to automate repetitive tasks, scripts added to the workflow, transit, and event listener.

It can be found on atlassian marketplace under this link. Unfortunately, it is not free, but the price is very affordable.

Script code

Read more Powerscript for Jira – how to block editing a field or fields for a given role or roles.