What Agile really means

It’s simply a way of thinking a little outside the box and often not very functional. Agile is about one thing: doing your job wisely, in the shortest possible time. There is no room for performing meaningless tasks and repeating beaten patterns over and over again. It’s worth remembering that agile is not something that can be started by a single person in a team. It is absolutely necessary that the whole team works in the same way.

Agile thinking is based primarily on setting healthy and appropriate priorities and managing human resources wisely.

According to Dave Thomas, it is enough to follow four very simple steps when working on a project. These are presented as follows:

Find out where you are currently

Take a small step forward toward your goal

Assess what has happened

Repeat all the steps

Agile is not a methodology or a process – it’s a way of thinking based on common sense and not doing things that don’t make sense. There’s still a long way to go to a methodology; usually the intermediate step is a framework, or a framework for doing things, such as Scrum.

So what is agile really? It’s a way of thinking, natural to people, transferred to business. That’s all it is, and that’s all it is.

Unfortunately, the term Agile has become popular, so many people have decided to become Scrum Master shares even Agile Coach. And instead of letting people think, they teach them rigid rules, that is, they completely contradict the idea of agile.

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